12 Monkeys Vapor

12 Monkeys Vapor: Superiority & Sophistication In One

This Canadian native e cig juice company has gone above and beyond in producing one of a kind vape pen flavors for us to enjoy! These state of the art e cig juices are the perfect mix between quality ingredients and artfully crafted production procedures, and best of all, Valor Vape is happy to offer the 12 Monkeys e juices to you at great prices.

So, whether you are interested in fruity flavors like the perfect mixture of strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi that our Kanzi e cig juice has to offer, or a more breakfast oriented taste like what you get with our O-RangZ blend of lemony fruit, wheaty cereal and creamy milk, Valor Vape has all 12 Monkey e juices that you’ve come to know and love! Not to mention, all of the 12 Monkeys e juices  we offer at Valor Vape have been tested and developed under strict scrutiny to ensure that each is not only packed with fresh flavors, but also is useable in any and all of your favorite e cigarettes.

What are you waiting for? Experience a true flavor explosion with the help of your favorite 12 Monkey e juices today!


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