Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs: Superior Quality For The Ultimate User Experience

Never has there been an e cig juice that has been so researched, so tested and so dedicated to creating the ultimate user experience. Halo Cigs has revolutionized the american made e cig juice market by creating a smoke juice that electronic cigarette users can use with confidence. By offering Halo Cigs products, we at Valor Vape are able to bring this premium American made quality directly to our Canadian and worldwide clientele. This means access to an all new level of pharmaceutical grade ingredients that allows every experience to be not only a safe experience, but also an enjoyable one.

With e cig juice flavors like CoolMist, Malibu, Mystic and Tribeca, the options for treating yourself to an experience that will blow all others out of the water are practically endless. And, if you truly are interested in trying them all, we offer Gourmet Halo Pack’s, Menthol Halo Pack’s, Tobacco Halo Pack’s as well as Variety Halo Pack’s that will allow you to do just that!

It’s about time you have a premium e cig juice and vape tank experience. Shop our Halo Cigs collection today.


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