Unlock Your E Cigs Full Potential

Reaching the full flavor potential of your e cig juice can be difficult if you have a lower voltage (starter) pen. But thanks to ever advancing vape pen technology, unlocking that intense flavor potential is actually much easier than you may have previous thought. By adding an advanced vape pen mod to your vaporizer, you open your smoking experience up to an all new level. For example, with just a simple 30W upgrade like with the aspire mod we have to offer, you can essentially increase the flavor of your e juice tenfold!

With the help of one of these advanced mods, you also unlock the ability to chose the impact of your smoke. This means that depending on how you are feeling, where you are and what you would like to get out of your vaporizer, you can adjust these specialized emod upgrades to help you create thicker smoke, heavier flavors and add resistance, or you can lower your smoke density, resistance and flavor. It’s all up to you!

So, explore all your options with Valor Vape today! We will help you create the ultimate smoking experience.


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